Customers Asked Questions

You must have at least 2 years of nursing experience and have passed the NCLEX or, passed the NCLEX within the past 4 years, in order to qualify to take this program. 

You also need to meet one of these criteria: have been licensed in Oregon in the past, live in a border state and intend to work in Oregon, or be an Oregon resident.  

We have found that students that have been out of practice more than 20 years have a difficult time in clinical placement because the nursing profession has dramatically changed.  Therefore we are no longer accepting students that have been out more than 20 years.

 You have 12 months to complete the program.  You can have one extension for an additional 12 months which costs $500.  The course takes 3-6 months on average to complete if it is treated like a full time job.

If you have already passed the NCLEX you can take this program, and your work time in a foreign country counts as work experience.  Oregon State Board of Nursing will require verification of work experience directly from your employer for this to count.  If you have not passed the NCLEX or have no work experience you are not eligible for this program.

We are not able to guarantee clinical placements because they are at the discretion of the facilities where students are placed.  Placements are a cooperative effort between you the student and Health & Educational Consultants LLC.  We do our best to place you in positions that closely match your work history whenever possible. Oregon State Board of Nursing has granted us an exception to policy during this State of Emergency and we have a case study option available for those students that are unable to locate clinical placements.

Health & Educational Consultants LLC. is unable to guarantee that Oregon State Board of Nursing will issue you a nursing license after completion of this program because we are not the licensing agency.  This program meets the OSBN requirements for re-entry nurses that do not have enough practice hours.

If you decide not to complete the course within the first 15 days and return all course materials in like new condition you will receive a full refund. 

I offer a discount when you pay by check.  The course fee is $2600 if you choose to pay this way.

I also offer a military discount of 10% please mail me a check for $2340.00 with some proof of military service.

OSBN is changing their administrative rules fall of 2021 allowing you to reset the NCLEX in order to become relicensed in Oregon.

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