About Us

Our Mission

Is to provide clear and concise instruction that helps nurses develop their critical thinking skills and become assets to the profession. 

Our Vision

Is to expand this program to provide a pathway for not only Nurses but Nurse Practitioners to re-enter the field.

Our Goal

Is to keep as many nurses in the field as possible through continuing education and the nursing re-entry program.

For over 39 years, we have been helping nurses continue in their vocation and return to nursing.  We are here to help you. Our primary focus is to provide a pathway for nurses to re-enter the profession or stay in the profession when they are unable to meet practice hours. 

Health and Educational Consultants follow the OARs and provide 120 didactic hours and 160 precepted clinical hours.

We have developed curriculum along with academic support to help you thrive throughout this program.  

After you enroll you will receive a Zoom orientation. Then support via email or phone for the remainder of the time you are in the program.

Check out our FAQ page for more information.

Clinical is a joint effort between you and HEC. We work together to place you at a clinical site that matches your skill level and interests. Students are encouraged to look for job openings, prepare resumes, and in some cases reach out to prospective sites. HEC has over 100 clinical contracts across the state and will support you in locating the right clinical.

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