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Nurse Re-Entry Program 

Helping Oregon Nurses re-enter the field!

About Our Program

Health & Educational Consultants has been in operation for 32 years helping RN’s and LPN’s re-enter the nursing profession.  Our main focus is to help nurses re-enter the profession or stay in the profession when they are unable to meet practice hours.  OSBN is currently in the process of making rule changes that will be in effect some time this fall.

Our students need to complete 120 didactic hours and 160 precepted clinical hours in order to qualify for re-licensure through OSBN. 

The didactic portion has 13 self paced modules that are both on line and textbook based.  You have 12 months to complete these modules and you may apply for one extension for $500.

You will need a computer, printer, scanner, and high speed internet in order to complete this program.

Steps you need to take to coming back to nursing!


In Person Classes

Our Commitment to Your Learning!

All in person trainings will be registered by sending an email to

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