NP Re-Entry Consultant

Consulting Information

The APRN Re-Entry consultation is designed to help you work with the Oregon State Board of Nursing to develop an individualized education plan and establish a clinical placement.  This is a joint effort between HEC and you as a Re-Entry APRN.  Each program is designed to meet your individualized scope of practice and will involve several one-on-one sessions with the program director.  Clinical placements are at the healthcare facility’s discretion so no clinical placement can be guaranteed at a particular facility or within a specific time frame.  You will have 48 months to complete the 100 hours of didactic and 300-500 hours of precepted clinical depending on how many practice hours you have.

Nurse Practitioner Re-Entry Program

APRN Re-Entry Program


You must:

  • Have previously held an NP License
  • Be able to be certified with your national accreditation board
  • Graduated from a Graduate Nursing Education Program
  • Hold an Oregon RN license

To get started:

  • Call 503-352-4969 and talk to Brandy Stoffel MSN, RN Program Director
  • Fill out the application for the Re-Entry Program
  • Apply for Re-Activation of your NP license through the Oregon State Board of Nursing using an individualized education plan.
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